Monday, October 26, 2009

The game is the game. Always.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Damn Astros you keep finding new ways to embarrass yourselves. As if it’s not enough that you’re interviewing Phil Garner and basically admitting you f’d up firing him now you got denied by Manny Acta who went for the Cleveland job. And why? Because you wouldn’t commit to a third year to a guy who actually wanted this God forsaken job. What a fun managerial search. Can’t wait to go through it again in two more years.

--Maybe the Saints aren’t that good. I mean they didn’t even win by 20 this week. More surprising than New Orleans finding itself down 24-3 had to be Drew Brees dunking over the cross bar after one of his two rushing TDs. Rushing TDs from Drew Brees is not fair.

--Nothing worse than watching five rounds of fighting only to have a decision no one who wasn’t a judge agrees with. Nice job Shogun even if it wasn’t all that impressive. Sucks about Brock being out of 106. Brock and Carwin was/will still be great.

--Trinity vs. Dexter is my most anticipated fight of the winter. And just when you thought the season couldn’t get any better…lots of reporter nudity. She's also Superman's wife...

--I think every week I have a new number two favorite on Modern Family. Number one permanently belongs to Sofia Vergara of course. Manny is numero dos ahora.

--How strong do those Prisoner previews look on AMC? At least we have that going for us once Mad Men ends in two more weeks.

--Show I really can’t understand the love for: Jeff Dunham Show. It was Comedy Central’s highest-rated premiere ever with 5.3 million viewers. I’ve tried watching, but I can’t get past the whole ventriloquism part which I gather is substantial during his shows. And not even funny ventriloquism like Willie Tyler and Lester back in the day. Oh those two…

--Commercial that need never be aired again: DirecTV’s Chris Farley/David Spade. Spade can’t be hurting for money that badly that he felt the need to cash a check by trading in his friendship for money. It’s not funny. It’s not clever. It is creepy. I’d rather see the annoying Black Eyed Peas DirecTV spot than this one and that’s saying something.

--I think it only shows Top Chef and Real Housewives so in keeping with that Bravo is bringing us Top Chef: Just Desserts next year. Within 3 years Top Chef will have its own network.

--Thank you Sienna West for your tweet updates on your “date” with Peja. I hope he indeed tipped.

--I had no idea that the Coen brothers were remaking True Grit, but damn that's awesome.

--Anyone else hear Dan Dierdorff question the benching of JaMarcus Russell? Ummm, Dan have you watched Oakland this year? And good showing last Sunday Raiders. The opposing quarterback had to wait until the 4th quarter before eating a hot dog on the sidelines. Usually opponents are into their nachos early in the 3rd.

--Was that so hard Bored To Death? Just put Ted Danson, Zach Galifianakis and Jason Schwartzman in the same scenes and you've got gold.

--I don’t know how this can live up to the awesome previews its had, but The League debuts Thursday on FX after Sunny. First show not on E! that I think my girlfriend is more excited to watch than I am. Something about identifying with the girls in the show and something else, but I wasn’t listening. Not my fault, I mean there were only 38 more hours until waiver claims were due.

--I’m not sure I’m gonna get better news this week than the news that Netflix is soon going to allow PS3 owners to watch instantly without additional charges beyond the existing subscription.

--And done. I finally made my way through all five fantastic seasons of The Wire in a mere four months. Nothing took as long as finishing the final four episodes. It’s always bittersweet coming to the end of a show you like so much, with characters you were drawn into and watched develop over the years. Michael’s path from corner boy to the new Omar. Dookie’s unfortunate path to where Bubbles started out.

Daniels’ rise to police commissioner. Carver’s rise to leader in the Western District. Prezbo’s path from clean shaven to unfortunate beard. Carcetti’s rise to governor. McNulty’s rise from cocky, middle-finger-to-the-man drunk to, um..cocky, middle-finger-to-the-man drunk living with Beadie and her kids. Avon and Stringer’s rise and fall. D’Angelo’s battle with who he was and what was expected.

My man Bodie who I hated for a long time after he and Poot did Wallace like that. Prop Joe. The Sobotkas. Bunny. Cutty. Rawls who might have had the best shot of the series when he was shown in that gay bar. Randy. Namond. So sad when Michael couldn’t even remember when Dukie was telling him about those piss balloons backfiring on them all. Good times. Levy. Clay “Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit” Davis. Valchek. Brother Mouzone.

Butchie. The Greeks. Slim. Rhonda. The wisdom and wit of Bunk. Jay who was rarely without his reading material. The cool stylings of one Lester Freamon. Kima’s legendary battle with Ikea furniture.

Sydnor. Wee-Bey and how awesome would a Chris/Wee-Bey spinoff in jail be? Bubbles going from the street and the terrible episode with Sherrod to his sister’s dinner table. And what can I say about the greatest character in television history Padma ,

Mr. Omar Little. Just like in City of God when the seemingly invincible Knockout Ned was shot by Steak n Fries. You knew Omar wasn’t going out at the hands of Chris or Snoop or even Marlo. It had to be a punk ass kid. All Omar wanted from life was cigarettes and Honey Nut Cheerios and the company of a male friend. From the projects to the corners to the clubs to the courthouses to the police station to Hamsterdam to the docks to The Sun to the schools, just an amazing road travelled. I’ve never watched anything so engrossing, so unapologetic, so real and so mesmerizing. I don’t think we’ll ever see the likes of The Wire again.

Questions, comments or if you come from a family in which the mother rewards her children who finish The Wire with Wire t-shirts...


  1. When you started watching The Wire I had to fight the urge to go and buy the DVD set. I need some more time away to properly re-enjoy it. Bill Simmons wrote a great semi-article on the show and how great it is. He said he and his wife got hooked in Season 3 and ordered the other sets from Amazon. Insteading of waiting til the next day for them to show up, they went to the store and bought another set. Give them to Sean and he will see the light.
    I had the Machida fight for Machida. I had the first 3 rounds for him.
    Netflix needs to fix their website so I can see what came out this week. SO annoying that they changed it, probably the main reason I dropped it.

  2. Sean started watching several weeks ago so I need to see where he's at. The whole set of DVDs is about as good a Christmas present you can give.

    I need to rewatch the Machida fight. I'm just pissed Brock and Catwin is off 106. That card woulda been sick. Still strong though.

    Netflix is gonna catch me up on Chuck and Sunny.

  3. Very well put Danny.
    I am not sure why The Wire wasn't more recognized...but I will always contend that it is better than the Sopranos. Sex and the City. Entourage. Curb Your Enthusiam and whatever show you can pull outta the hat. The Shield could come close....but not even the Shield can compare. Just and unbelievable show that didn't get near the love it should have gotten...

  4. Maybe David Simons new hbo show will spur interest in The Wire. I'm looking forward to it


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