Wednesday, July 23, 2008

To Wax An M.C. Who Acts Like A Clown

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--For the first time since I can remember I saw a movie on its opening weekend. Then again I've never anticipated a performance like the one I was expecting from Heath Ledger. And believe me when I say Heath's Joker cannot be overhyped. He's simply incredible and the recognition he'll earn from it is well-deserved and would have been if he was still with us. Christopher Nolan has been one of my favorite directors since his mindf*** Memento and his stamp on this franchise will help us forget the, in retrospect, awful, terrible first run of Batmans. Everyone else in the cast was great as expected. Christian Bale is the perfect Bruce Wayne though his Batman voice was a little over the top. But as a Cinematical reviewer said, "complaining about the Batvoice is like smacking Santa Claus for not wiping his boots." Solid, solid movie, but you knew that already.

--By the way it took all of a day for IMDB voters to put Dark Knight atop it's all-time greatest movies list. It overtook The Godfather. Rolling down the rest of the list...Shawshank, Godfather Part Two: Electric Boogaloo, Good/Bad/Ugly, Pulp Fiction, Schindler's List, Cuckoo's Nest (my personal #2), Empire Strikes Back, and Casablanca. My personal #1 Donnie Darko checks in at a ridiculously low 123.

--Oh yeah, two other great parts about the movie...trailers for Watchmen and Terminator: Salvation.

--I will probably change this again before the fight after I talk to the boxing guys in Vegas, but right now I think my money is going on Margarito over Cotto. Tough choice as both of these guys are personal favorites. So rare to have a fight that all fight fans have been clamoring for, but this is it. If you buy one boxing PPV this year, this is the one. I know it's not like MMA where the undercard provides just as much if not more excitement, but Cotto/Margarito is well worth it.

--Like I wrote earlier Smash and Street will have four episode arcs on Friday Night Lights next season. Apparently the producers have decided to actually give the high schoolers actual grade levels to clarify things. They're going to jump ahead to the beginning of next season instead of finishing last's. It returns on DirecTV in October and then NBC picks it up in February.

--Saturday Night Live is going to run 30-minute election specials every Thursday beginning in October running up 'til Barack wins. The cast member who can't keep from laughing during a skit, Jimmy Fallon, is gonna have a long run of his new talk show airing only online until its debut.

--Generation Kill on HBO has been very strong two episodes in. Gotta love that driver, Person, of the lead humvee tilting a bottle of Ripped Fuel like it was water. Colbert and Person had some great lines this week with Colbert giving us, "You gotta respect the pajama." While Person enlightened us and the Stones reporter with, "Put your co** to the ground as the tanks roll by! It's feels f*ckin' great!"

--There's gonna be a Top Gun 2 with Tom Cruise as an instructor dealing with a conceited female Maverick?! No Iceman, no dice.

--I don't know what Molly Qerim is doing on College Football Live, but I like it. But why do they insist on showing us these loser YouTube videos?

--I'll take Milka Duno over Danica Patrick. Dana or Donald or Gary how have you not gotten these girls in a match, yet?

--Now Amy Poehler not in on The Office spin-off, but in on some show with Office type humor so there ya go. Karen could come back for the spin-off which would be nice.

--Our Truth or Lie (no 's' used so no trademark ean and John) Story of the Week comes to us from Round Lake Park, IL. William Hermes sold a taste of white to a police informant. Whoops. When he was searched cops found $1,400 in William's pockets. By law that money is assumed to be drug profit unless the person can prove it was not. So William told the officers the truth, that he was a baseball card collector and he had just sold an Ernie Banks rookie card. Yeah, right. Wait, the police checked out the story and it was true with the buyer even providing a receipt William gave him. Just for that I think William should be let go.

--Put it in your calendar now...Leno's final Tonight Show is May 29th with Tonight Show becoming watchable again June 1st.

--Ain't no party like a Captain Lou Albano 75th birthday party. It happened Sunday with about 150 of Lou's friends including the lovable, huggable Sandman (best ring entrance ever). Apparently at some point Sandman gave a touching toast to his good friend Lou. And then at another point he started batting the lights around like they were speedbags. So Sandman started getting into it with the restaurant's manager. Then a couple of wrestlers I've never heard of pulled Sandman aside and while they're talking to him the manager gets a bottle and nails Sandman with it causing Sandman to bleed for the first time ever (maybe not). So of course Sandman starts running after the manager. You throw a bottle at him and he starts throwing racks of glassware around even with the cops in the kitchen. Yeah, Sandman spent some time in jail.

--Playboy has approached Brooke Hogan about taking it all off?!

Questions, comments, or if you've found the perfect ratio of Crispix and Honey Bunches of Oats...

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