Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Because mutiny on the bounty's what we're all about

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Joakim Noah arrested for marijuana? No way.

--Tennis player in Playboy sounds promising until you realize it's an American and it's Ashley Harkleroad.

--Michael Jackson was at UFC 84? That woulda creeped the hell outta me if I was in the octagon. Thankfully I wasn't allowed inside the cage. Probably because my name isn't Thiago. All in all it was a helluva card. BJ Penn looked great against Sean "no 'roids, no chance" Sherk and now wants GSP. Tito is still smashing whats left of Jenna Jameson, but he had no chance of running down Lyoto. Wanderlei needed a win and an impressive one at that against Keith Jardine. A Silva/Silva matchup after Wanderlei drops 20 lbs.?! And then there was a guy by the name of Rousimar Palhares who put on one helluva performance and I'm sure we'll hear from him again. UFC 87 had some more matches made with Heath Herring going against Brock Lesnar, Frankie Edgar vs. TBD, Manny Gamburyan and Rob Emerson, and 87 is, of course, headlined by GSP and Jon Fitch.

--It's finally official, Vic and the boys (well not Lem, thanks Shane!) will be back for The Final Act on September 2nd. Thirteen episodes will come our way with the final eight episodes involving one long torturous ass kicking executed by Vic on Shane while the hot, young cop who Dutch likes is undercover as a stripper.

--MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Stiller coming up with some shorts for this is promising. Not so much looking forward to Adam Sandler and Mike Myers' offerings much less their full-length movies.

--Tarantino will have a WWII offering, Inglorious Bastards, in Cannes next year?! Out-standing news!

--I don't know how Dwight will contain himself, but Rainn Wilson in Transformers 2!

--My boy Raymond Daniel Manzarek is a busy little Door nowadays. Apparently in the next six months or so he'll release a new documentary based on Meerkats or The Doors. One of those. There is supposed to be a ton of previously unseen footage as part of it. He has a couple of movie scripts he's trying to get in production. One is based on the story of L.A. Woman and the other has something to do with a peyote trip. Sounds like they should be combined into one movie spectacular! I haven't checked around but Live in Pittsburgh is a Doors new release that was recorded in May 1970 on The Doors' last tour in the U.S. Johnny Drama's best role ever = John Densmore. Two others who peaked in that movie. Of course, Val Kilmer who simply was Jim Morrison. And lest we forget the cinematic contributions of Billy Idol as Cat.

--I already miss Lost.

--Return of Heroes is September 22nd.

--The ESPN store in Orlando is already selling Celtics Eastern Conference Champions '08 t-shirts?!

--Didn't think I'd have two Electric Company related posts in one month and yet...

--Remember that time when you were 18 and you drank three or four beers and you had sex and then you and your partner got your pot and then you got in the Highlander and then you smashed into a stop sign and then you hit a utility pole and then the cops came by and then you told the cops all of the previous information and then you added that you deal marijuana. Remember? I don't think Megan Douglas remembers all that either, but hey at least she has the news report to remind her she was the chick.

--Apparently Sony is coming up with a back-up Spidey list in case Tobey Maguire doesn't come back for 4 and 5, which may be filmed at the same time. Patrick Fugit is on it and that's fine by me. He was the kid in Almost Famous.

--God bless Jim Leyland and his at least once a week priceless quotes. We've already heard Jim talking about Sean Casey and also about Bud's edict to speed up the pace of the games. Now we get Jim's answer as to what's going on with Carlos Guillen after a two error night:
"He can hardly move -- he's got hemorrhoids so bad. He's been playing with hemorrhoids that probably need to be lanced. He probably shouldn't have been out there (third base on Monday). "He could hardly walk (Monday night)."

--A little movie written/directed by Ricky Gervais titled This Side of the Truth will hit us in 2009. It's about a writer who invents the art of lying. It stars Ricky and Jennifer Garner and oh, just all of these people: Christopher Guest, Jonah Hill, Tina Fey, Rob Lowe, John Hodgman, Jeffrey Tambor and Louis CK.

--Sorry Cuba, but starting next month Charlie Sheen is taking over your Hanes role with MJ. Don't worry I think Snow Dogs is close to getting a green light.

Questions, comments, or if you wonder why it took years for certain Night Shift bloggers to get on the web site's front page, but mere days for our interns...

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