Monday, April 28, 2008

Shake Your Rump

Boys, Come Back With Your Shield or On It...

This will not be over quickly. You will not enjoy this. It's your ass in Game 5 Jazz.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--For years Benny the Bull has been known as the most thug mascot in sports. He's also the mascot you go to if you need smoke. However, beware the dreaded Benny high-five. Benny was running down an aisle at a Bulls game high-fiving everyone along the way when he "tripped" as he was fiving Don Kalant. He held onto Kalant's arm as he hit the floor. Benny got a laugh. Kalant got a ruptured biceps tendon. Benny also got a lawsuit.

--I haven't seen it, don't know anyone who has, but that bear in Semi-Pro...yeah it took a chunk out of his trainer's neck ending the guy's life.

--Kelly Brook and Billy Zane no more?!

--Sean Avery is gonna intern at Vogue?!

--Jimmy Fallon taking over for Conan O'Brien once Conan takes over for Leno?! Dammit Kilborn get your ass back hosting a late night talk show. I know you're not dead they showed you at the Lakers game the other night.

--And your '09 Madden coverboy is none other than Brett Favre. What now Jinx? Tom Hammond and Cris Collinsworth are your announcers. No Emmitt or Bryant?

--Hilary Duff on the new 90210?! Lori Loughlin is in as the mom. Yeah, just a slight upgrade over Mrs. Walsh.

--Apparently and thankfully Felix Trinidad turned down a fight with Jermain Taylor.

--A bit of a budget problem in California has led to a lawmaker proposing a tax to alkee-hol. This would raise the price of a sixer by almost $2. Yeah, some Republican (go figure it's a Dem proposing the tax) college students protested outside of the guy's office yelling, "No taxation on intoxication."

--Your dumbass Sub of the Week comes to us from Alton, Missouri. There Jane Kodros was subbing at a high school. It sounded like she and her classes had a fun day what with her usage of deragatory words and using her middle finger to its utmost ability. She also bragged about how she had a warrant out for her arrest. Yeah, kids are funny in that if they don't like you they'll turn your bitch ass in. And we're not talking about some young college student substitute, no, this chick is fiddy. So next day the kids tell the regular teacher who tells the principal who tells the school's officer who tells the real police who arrest Jane in the middle of 2nd period.

-- Mork Roger and Mindy?!

--Finally we got ourselves an awesome porn title out of everything going on in New York the past couple of months. Gov Love: The Eliot Splitz-Her Story.

--Apparently CW is promoting Gossip Girl using the acronym "OMFG." So as you might expect some parents are a little bit upset about that. CNN interviewed someone from CW and the guy said that if you asked ten people on the street what OMFG meant you'd get ten different answers. So CNN asked people on the street and shockingly they all answered "Oh My F'n God."
--Neve Campbell shows her boobies in the upcoming I Really Hate My Job and those aren't good things. Although they looked much better than John Daly's boobs which was nice enough to show off recently and I'm nice enough to not subject you to them.

--Morgan Ensberg guest blogged for Philip Hughes the other day. His best thoughts:

"The next idea that I have is about opposing fans. I love it when a fan is yelling at me and says something really witty. Not just yelling to be heard by the people around him, but something really funny. If it is good, I will laugh at it myself. I want it to be funny. But let me tell you this, if you say “you suck” we know that you don’t know what to say and you probably aren’t very funny. To us it is like saying “um”. We hear it all the time and it is just a sound with no meaning. Take your time and don’t get caught up in the moment. Timing is everything and if you can think of something genuinely funny, you will have my respect.

Finally, the Office is the greatest show on the planet, and I would like to pose this question to all of you….

Would an average sized row boat support phil and me without capsizing?"

--Chicago sounds like a nice place to visit. I mean 331 shootings this year alone is fairly impressive, but also promising as the shootings are trending upward. A nice total of 36 two weekends ago, in which 7 ended up being deadly. Really promising when the mayor has to get the cops outfitted with M-4 rifles. Mayor Richard Daley saying, "Many times they're outgunned, to be very frank. When they come to a scene, someone has a semi fully-automatic weapon and you have a little pistol, uh, good luck."

--Is Lost just wrecking shop this season or what?

Questions, comments, or if you died a little inside as you watched Dr. Kelso drive away from Sacred Heart...

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